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ARK PTA Treasurer’s Corner

Welcome to the Treasurer’s Corner

We recognize that there have been significant changes to our fund raising process and operating performance over the past few years. We believe it is vitally important to continually provide our ARK community with access and understanding to the financial status of our PTA organization. We recognize that the range of services and the ultimate success of the PTA is driven through the voluntary involvement and financial support of our parents, teachers, students and administrators. While not required by the PTA bylaws, we feel it is important to dedicate a section of our ARK PTA website to focus specifically upon the Treasurer activities. This section will continue to bring together reports such as budgets, actual results, account balances, policies and procedures. By providing this dedicated section of the website we are seeking to give our community greater visibility and the insight necessary to continue to propel the range and quality of services the PTA offers to our school.

Budget Information
  • Click here to view the ARK PTA Budget for 2011-2012.

    Treasurer Guidelines

    Cash Box/Change
    Requests for the cash box and change should be made no less than one week in advance. If your event begins on a Monday, please request the cash box no later than Monday of the prior week. If you request change, you will be given a check payable to you and you will be responsible for cashing it prior to your event.

    Check Requests
    For checks needed prior to an event, please submit the check request form to the Treasurer at least seven days in advance. An invoice should accompany the request if at all possible. Receipts should be forwarded to the Treasurer as soon as available. For reimbursement checks, please submit a check request form, along with any receipt(s) or other documentation. Reimbursement checks are processed in a timely manner. Check Request form can be found here.

    Please count all money and sign a tally sheet with the total amount of cash and checks noted before submitting it to the Treasurer for deposit.

    As your ARK PTA Treasurer, I am more than willing to respond to any questions or comments you may have. Please feel free to contact me at 856-216-8169 or via email at

    Debbie Quarry
    ARK PTA Treasurer